Consumers Tell Us the Advantages of Doing Business With a Real Estate Broker

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Consumers who used the services of a real estate broker to buy or sell their home share their experience and tell of the advantages they derived from it.

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Michael Lederman  
(332 weeks, 1 day ago)
I find that the consumer testimonials in this video are done with the right intention in mind, however, they could be more effective and meaningful if each was less ambiguous and more tangible in highlighting the benefits of working with a real estate broker. Would love to hear of testimonials that go beyond generalities ["helping negotiating" "guiding us through each of the steps" "home inspection help" "paperwork", etc]. Private for sale owners already make claims that they can handle these type of general situations with the assistance of private companies. Brokers contribute much more than what were mentioned. They resolve and avoid potentially complex problems from arising or if they have arisen, they apply their experience, knowledge and networks (notaires, surveyors, bankers, etc)to navigate the subtleties which even for sale by owners could not foresee. This is why expert real estate brokers are professionals in what they do - they are meant to catch the most subtle of traps and mines in a real estate transaction because they do this as a full time career...or at least are expected to be full time professionals with no other professional distractions. FSBO's on the other hand are juggling their own businesses or employment, family, friends, selling their property, and a hundred other unrelated tasks which makes knowledge and experience building highly inefficient, not to mention the time and cost consumed.

QFREB TV: What you provide is wonderful, however, I believe your conservative approach can make a little more wiggle room for a more meaningful video promoting consumer confidence in real estate brokers. You are a great source, so don't be too shy to push the envelope....because our private real estate market has no qualms in pulling all the punches.

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